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Marissa Schaeffer is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) in Manhattan. Simultaneously pursuing professional dancing, Marissa started her fitness career in the summer of 2009. She graduated from the Equinox Academy to become a top tier trainer at Equinox. She is certified to train pre- and post-natal clients and kettle bells. She trains privately and is a student at the Department of Physical Therapy at Columbia University Medical Center.

Her philosophy is to integrate training and other facets of health with lifestyle choices. By pinpointing major imbalances and weaknesses, Marissa has helped her clients to alleviate pain in the knees, hips and back, restore mobility, and bounce back from post-injury rehab. She guides her clients to successful weight-loss and has even helped one of them to touch their toes for the first time in twenty years! in conjunction with Physical Therapists, Marissa works to restore full functionality to clients who have had hip and knee replacements, herniated or slipped discs, shoulder impingement issues and other post trauma cases.

Marissa has also embarked on a program of strength training for professional dancers. Her training seeks to specifically address dancer’s major imbalances. Her methodology works to provide a safe, practical and accessible way to stay strong and healthy. She has trained members of Lydia Johnson Dance, Doug Varone, Mark Morris and more.

Marissa has lectured and conducted workshops on injury prevention and rehabilitation at SUNY Purchase College Conservatory of Dance, The Ivy Ballet Exchange at Columbia University, Athelta, and at a multitude of dance studios along the East Coast with her workshop for young dancers: Mindful Practice. She has also written and contributed to articles that have appeared on WeckMethod.comQinetic.com, The Epoch Times, and Dance Informa Magazine. In 2015, her workshop Mindful Practice appeared in Dance Studio Life Magazine’s feature article: Teaching Students How to be Healthy in Mind and Body.

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